EYEBROWS DESIGN                                                € 100
                                           €   80

MICROBLADING FIRST TIME                                 € 300                                   


                                                                0 - 2            €  75

                                                                  2 - 6            €  85

                                                                  6 - 8            € 125

                                                                  8 - 10          € 150

TOUCH UP NEW CLIENTS                                      € 299
** Take a picture without makeup in natural lighting and white background to focus attention on your eyebrows, send your photos by WhatsApp and this way I can determine if I can achieve a good result with the touch you need. 


1 - Recommendations before the appointment
Take a paracetamol 20 minutes before your appointment.
Do not be in period of menstruation during your appointment, because you may feel more pain.
Do not use aspirin, alcohol or drugs forty-eight hours before treatment because the skin may bleed faster and the result will be less.
The appointment last 90 minutes.

2 - Diagnosis
I deliver a sheet that you must read and sign to giveme permission to start the consultation.
I offer personalized attention, my client describes the shape of their ideal eyebrows and we talk about eye brow design possibilities.
*I take a photo of your natural eyebrows.
3 - Design
The eyebrow design proposal is made according to the facial measures and face type of the client.
*I take a photo of the eyebrow design proposal
4 - Anesthetics
Once the eyebrow design proposal is approved, i apply lidocaine as a topical anesthetic for 10 minutes.
5 - Color
Together we choose the color of the pigment that suits your hair and skin.
6 - Prepare my tools
I use a pen containing specially developed disposable blades.
The blades contain 16 ultra-thin needles in a row.
The pigments i use are completely minerals with high quality  & technology.
7 - Start Microblading
Beginning to fill the eyebrow manually drawing very fine lines in the direction of natural hair growth, placing inking to create the effect of a natural eyebrow.
To finish the treatment, I placed pigment on the entire eyebrow covering it with transparent paper that helps pigment penetration as much as possible.
8 - Cleaning
I clean and disinfect the eyebrow.
*I take a photo of the final look.
9 - End of the process
I apply a cream to keep the skin moisturized in order not to cause inflammation or scabs during the healing process.
10 - Recovery instructions
I give you all the instructions you need to follow after the procedure for 7 days.

After the first session, the ink fades around 80% the first month.
If you are looking for a perfect eyebrow you have to submit to the treatment 2 to 3 times in a year.
After a year I suggest to attend a coach-up session to maintain the result.

** Women with very thin or oily skin on the part of the eyebrows are not candidates for this treatment.